July 05, 2010

All she rote

Happy Sweet Sixteen Princess!!!!
A young life taken too quickly. We'll miss you, Burton.

Suddenly everybody wants to advertise something so I guess print's not dead or they just don't know yet maybe a revival but for how long I'm sorry I don't know how much it will cost or what it will look like because I don't have display rates or design charts because I'm just a reporter you'll have to call yellowknife I know I know the little boys carrying empty backpacks are clogging the doorway waiting for today's paper to sell so they can buy some gum or pop is school out already what time is it yikes oh right it's summer no tyrone your mother called and she wants you home right away seriously I can't believe those words just came out of my mouth finally the bundles are here good good better late than not at all isn't that true how you doing today good good ok here you guys go now get out is that thunder hope the power doesn't go out the red phone light isn't blinking that's a good sign except for all those callbacks I need dammit it's too close to deadline just concentrate now on the voices coming through the headphones talking about oil potential and pipelines and drilling sea ports exploration relief wells buzz buzzz buzzzz words all things I never thought I'd have to pretend to know much about click clack why can't I type faster I hate seeing those annoying red lines so better to get it right the first time but still faster is better I should get a typing tutor mavis beacon beacon of knowledge and speed and computers wait what is this story about and what is that noise footsteps?

I swivel in my chair to face the three little pairs of wide eyes. Three little bodies creeping closer into my office. They don't speak, offering no explanation for their presence. I've never seen these kids before.


They freeze. Wider eyes. The girl runs away, pigtails flying. One of the boys ducks back behind the door frame. The trio's brazen leader takes another step forward, trance-like. Then snap. His eyes narrow. The spell is gone.

"You liar!" so violently he hollers, pointing a defiant index finger at the glass office divider, through which I now notice gleams my coworker's shit-eating grin.

"She's not a robot!"