March 24, 2010


I was wrong. Kind of. That's not the surprise.

The day after writing my previous post, the one in which I whine about the tardiness of spring, I walked through the snow to work, immediately noticing and admiring a bunch of daffodils on my coworker's desk. OK, so my admiration may have consisted of an envious glare and a demand to know "Where'd you get the flowers?!" Anyway. My coworker, he replied:

"Look on your desk."

Oh, glory be! It had been quite a while since I'd seen fresh flowers and I guess I got a little carried away...
No, I wasn't trying to ingest them. They did smell nice, though.

Turns out they're fundraiser flowers. Some volunteers from the local chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society were going door-to-door selling the daffodils they just had shipped up here. So, yes, I was wrong - thankfully - it feels much more like spring now! And for a good cause.

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